Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Writing Starters

WALT: Brainstorm our ideas from a sentence.

Screenshot 2014-08-26 at 9.19.05 AM.png

  Cool hair, cool clothes

Police Officer
Baton, gun, teaser, police car,

Money, draw

Dear Kenny

"So congratulations on winning the lotto and I can not believe when you spun the wheel you got the big 100 million. I hope you win the next time you buy a lotto ticket. So what are you going to buy with the money or will you donate some money to charity so message me back when you get this please".

Message number 2

"So you are going to upgrade your house, put some money in your bank and  donate money to cancer charity. Wow you are going to spend a lot of money but how much do you reckon you are going to need to upgrade your house to super duper comfy".

Message number 3

"Oh, it’s only 10 grand wow I thought it would be more than that but I think I’m wasting your time on doing all the things you need so hope you do everything before your shift tomorrow so bye".      

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