Tuesday, 2 September 2014

What Animal Would I Be?

The animal I would want to be is a Komodo Dragon because they are big, strong, and they can last in the sun for ages just waiting for a deer etc. The reason I want to be this animal the most would be it is the largest lizard living and  is really tough that is why I want to be a Komodo Dragon.


  1. That is really cool Daniel I like komodo dragons too good job

  2. And my quiston is why do you think komodo dragons are cool

  3. Hi Daniel I love Komodo Dragons as well. Something helpful is that you could make your writing bigger so it isn't hard to read. Daniel those pictures are freaking me out there tongues are so long.Is there another animal you like and why?

    1. Thanks Liona, but the other animal I would like to be is a puppy because their really cute and cuddly.

  4. Hi Daniel I like your work about Komodo dragon I would like to be one to because is very very big
    and strong.

  5. Hi Daniel! Nice job! Love the photos. To be honest I wouldn't be a Komodo dragon. I would be a pretty colourful parrot that can fly! But anyway, Love the story and over all COOL!!:)

  6. Great job Daniel!! I think komodo dragons are pretty cool to. something helpful is you could add more facts but who cares. Awesome!!!