Friday, 5 June 2015

I Think We Should Have Passion Week Because...

Hi my name is Daniel and I am here to convince you that we should have passion week.

Firstly, I think we should have passion week because  it is fun to learn a new skill and learn something new. We can  actually do something that we enjoy and we can do something with our friends in different classes if they have things in common.

Secondly, we should get to pick more passion’s  because it gets a little, no really boring, when you’re only doing one  passion. If you have to finish a project you can just go back when you rotate back to that passion.  

Thirdly, we are actually doing maths, reading and writing in some of our passion’s.  But on the other hand, some of us like doing those subjects with our normal teacher.  So this takes me to my conclusion.             

In conclusion, I think we should have passion week at least 3 times a week because some of us still want to be with our normal teachers and we still want a little fun sometimes.

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