Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

WALT: Write a recount using descriptive language.

Today room 17 did an experiment on elephant toothpaste to investigate if the experiment actually was going to work.

Firstly, Mrs Wallace gathered the ingredients and measured them out exactly how the book said to. She then told us to come outside and gather around the table to get ready for the wild and wacky experiment.

Secondly, Mrs Wallace mixed the warm water and yeast together with the hydrogen peroxide, dish washing liquid and the food coloring. Then we added them all together.

Finally, we curiously waited for about 30 seconds and… it erupted like an active volcano. It looked really frothy from the yeast because it has enzymes in it and causes a chemical reaction. We all took a whiff and there was a rancid smell that was so terribly horrid. I felt really fired up and happy that the experiment worked but even though it smelt revolting it was still cool and fun.

This was a recount of when we made elephant toothpaste.

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