Friday, 27 November 2015

Rainbows End

Friday 27th November 2015

Yesterday some other students and I went to Rainbows End with Ma Te Hira for a thank you from her.

When we got there Ma Te Hira went and payed for our wristbands. After we all got our wristbands we split into three groups of four in my groups. In my group I had Keishana, Liona and Lirsah-Joe. We mainly went on the Invader and the Roller coaster because they were the super cool rides to us. We also went on the power surge which almost made me throw up because you twist and turn everywhere. After that we went on the amazing gold rush and log flume, the gold rush made me really excited because you go into an abandoned mine with lots of spooky skeletons and the track turns unexpectedly. With the log flume you go into a cave with lots of elves which look creepy but sing "Merry Christmas",  But overall I really liked the Invader we were all so happy and thankful to Ma Te Hira for taking us to Rainbows End
This is the Invader

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  1. Hi Daniel, I go to Ohaeawai School, my name is Leejiin. I like that you talked about when you went to rainbows end, I went to rainbows end too on 2016 19th of November. Thane said I had to go to the kids side but it was pretty fun and cool even I got a gun, a m9.